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The Humans Experience by Jerry Cordeiro

The Humans Experience was founded by Jerry Cordeiro in 2014 on the principle that all people have the same rights and the same respect no matter their colour, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, creed or migration status.

Over the years Jerry has wandered the streets, alleys and river valley throughout cities such as Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and East Hastings, Vancouver. As well he has travelled to other countries such as the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco) and Haiti to capture his images and share stories. Jerry spends quality time with each individual he approaches to be photographed, it’s all on their level of comfort. His ability to relate creates a personal connection before the portrait is captured. He has gained great respect due to his approach and kindness. Jerry gives everyone he has captured, as well as the ones who have declined, a voice, time to listen and time to make a difference.

Every photograph has a story.

It’s through these stories that he helps raise awareness. Jerry has reconnected lost souls of the streets to their families, helped house and simply showed them that they are important. The Humans Experience has the same common denominator—Compassion. The rest are all secondary to any individual who struggles.

The Humans Experience has collaborated with inner-city agencies, hospitals and schools in Canada and other countries to help educate on compassion and understanding. Jerry has been and is currently involved in his third installation with a global art movement called the Inside Out Project. This project uses large scale portraits showcasing a social issue the artist is passionate about. Jerry is showcasing the portraits of the Souls of the Street. The first installation was in Edmonton, second in Vancouver and the third is coming up in the near future.

Currently, Jerry is working on his first photography book showcasing highlighted stories and important issues around the world. Please keep an eye out for that new and exciting addition! You can follow us while reading/viewing Jerry’s beautiful work through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social Impact Photographer by Jerry Cordeiro


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